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Our Sustainability Model

At dizzydaze we recognise the devastating impact the fashion industry is having on the environment. Through our forward thinking and responsible business choices we are looking to change that, with sustainability a huge part of our brand identity.

Listed below are the key features of our sustainability model, demonstrating how we are actively working to curb our impact on the environment.

The ‘Slow Fashion’ Movement

Over recent years, the fashion industry has hit the headlines, exposing the devastating environmental impacts of throw-away culture and so called ‘fast fashion’. The wasteful disregard for garments and relentless marketing by big business has seen us buy and dispose of clothing quicker than ever. At dizzydaze we are intentionally rejecting this common-place ideology of fast fashion and are dedicated to turning the industry on its head, offering long-lasting, high quality garments with our collections consisting of diverse statement pieces which can be easily styled and combined with items you already own. A typical trait of a fast fashion company is the excessive release of collections and edits. Limiting the number of collections we create was a fundamental part of our design process, allowing each collection to establish itself and form a foundation on which our brand can build, complemented by the launch of bespoke one-off pieces. As part of our conscious consumption philosophy, we also urge you to resell or donate any items purchased once you have had your wear, reducing the amount of fashion-based waste in landfill and allowing that ‘new clothes’ feeling to be passed on to others.

Products Handmade to Order

Following this slow fashion model, we hand-make all our garments to order. Although this is a slower longer process, we believe the end results are definitely worth it! As we construct our products by hand, it reduces the need for heavy machinery and decreases our CO2 emissions. Added to this, all products are made to order, eradicating mass production from our business model. A lack of excessive production means there is no surplus stock wasted. As well as the standard sizing available for all our products, we offer a made-to-measure service through our bespoke package, ensuring the items you purchase will fit you perfectly. In doing this, we hope to reduce the need for returns due to ill-fittings. As we guarantee all items are made to order, any returns we do receive will be sold through our Depop page alongside discounted sample garments that have been used for marketing campaigns and website photography. This means that no wearable product is left unwanted and we are able to ensure all items purchased through our website are specifically made to fit you.

Reworking Production Waste

Although we are doing everything we can to minimise production waste through meticulous arrangement of pattern pieces and not ‘bulk-buying’ materials, offcuts and leftover fabric are inevitable. Instead of seeing this excess fabric as waste, we are adding value by reworking offcuts into useable items. We are creating small accessories such as hair scrunchies, headbands and tote bag straps from the unused fabric allowing you to complement garments with accents of colour. As we look to the future and the growth of dizzydaze, we are ensuring we retain all smaller offcuts and unused fabric for upcoming ventures, with new endeavours such as weaving projects starting to make an appearance as we branch into interiors.

Sourcing of Material

From the excessive use of water and application of pesticides on cotton crops, to the production of synthetic fibres made from crude oil derivatives, the fashion industry’s supply chain is a major cause of environmental pollution. We understand the devastating impacts these practices have to our planet and the many ecosystems it supports, believing that elevated fashion can be achieved without causing such degradation. At dizzydaze, we have taken a number of intentional steps to try our best to source materials in a responsible yet cost-effective way. Organic cotton-based fabrics have been used in a number of our garments, meaning the cotton crops have not been treated with growth promoting chemicals which pollute the land, watercourses and food chain. Added to this, we have included minimal synthetic materials, opting for recycled polyester where possible. This reduces our use of polymer and plastic based materials, decreasing microplastic build up in the environment and reliance on finite resources. As it stands, we do not have any contracts with fabric suppliers, meaning collection fabrics are subject to change, adapted dependant on fabric availability from current suppliers. We ensure the same high standards of construction, with any changes made, easily found alongside item-specific fabric compositions in the product descriptions.


At dizzydaze, we take pride in the design and creation of our products, continuing to care even when items have left our studio. To coincide with this view, we have been doing our research into environmentally friendly packaging. We have decided to source all our packaging resources from Packhelp, opting to use their Bio-Poly Mailers and E-commerce Delivery Boxes to enclose our products as they are shipped to you. Their Bio-Poly Mailers are made of a natural, starch-based bioplastic, meaning they are biodegradable and compostable, carrying the ‘OK Compost’ certificate, with their E-commerce Delivery Boxes made completely from recycled cardboard. Both are printed with water-based ink, meaning they can be disposed of responsibly. They are also reusable and can be used to re-package items, giving them a longer life span than single-use. For more information, check them out for yourselves at

Looking to the Future

As a small start-up brand, it is hard to source and have everything as we want it from the beginning, but at dizzydaze, we embrace imperfections, seeing them as opportunities to improve as a brand and as people. We recognise our material sourcing as an area for improvement as we actively look for reliable, eco-friendly fabric suppliers. As our brand grows, we promise to remain dedicated to valuing the environment, the same as we value profits and the people working with us. We also love supporting other like-minded businesses, sharing ideas and creative visions through collaborations. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions, suggestions and collaboration requests at [email protected]. We hope that you appreciate our honesty and conscious effort to ensure we are doing all we can to reduce our impact on the planet. We believe in and respect the value of our products and by combining our practices with your shopping habits we hope to halt fast fashion and regain public trust in the industry.

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