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Made-to-order, affordable luxury with a positive impact.

A note from us. x

This collection is very important to us. We went to the depths of our souls to bring you this. Everything we have created prior to SoulSearcher has merely been based on what fabrics we could get our hands on and quick. Trawling the internet for amazing fabrics rather than visiting fabric shops ourselves has been tough, but in the truth of it all… we love to create the fabrics ourselves, having never really found exactly what we’re looking for. 

dizzydaze isn’t just a clothing brand, it is a way of self expression. Not only for the wearer, but for the 2 individuals behind the whole ordeal. We’ll say it again, we create wearable art. That is fact. 

We hope you can appreciate our art through our garments, wear them with joy and never stop shining! We want you to turn heads, stop traffic and shop sustainably. Thank you for all the love so far, let’s make this dream continue.

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