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The Measurements we need & how to do them

It is in your best interest to give us the most accurate measurements possible. It might be useful to get someone to help out- just to be sure. Make sure you are standing tall but relaxed, let’s begin!

Shoulder to Shoulder
Measure from one shoulder point to the other making sure to keep your chest up and back as straight as possible.

Top of arm
Measure around the top of your arm until the tape measure meets again, holding taught but not too tight!

Measure around the smallest part of your torso, starting in the middle until the tape measure meets again. Try not to breathe in whilst doing this, you may risk your garment being too tight!

Full Bust
Starting from the middle of your bust, measure all the way around until the tape measure meets again,
making sure to hold the tape-measure taut but not too tight!

Place the tape measure in the centre of your waist (the smallest part of your torso) and measure around until the tape measure meets again.

Neck to waist
Measure down from the nape of the neck down to your waist point.

Shoulder Blade to Wrist
Measure from between your shoulder blades (middle of the top part of your back) down to your wrist. This is to measure the sleeve length.

This is only necessary if you’re ordering a long sleeved item, with or without cuffs, simply measure around your wrist until the tape measure meets again.

You’ll want to measure around the widest part of your lower body, the tape measure would usually be placed across the middle of your butt!

Super easy, measure around the top of one of your thighs until the tape measure meets again.

Length of Leg
Measure from the mid point of your waist down to your ankle, get someone to help you with this if you’re unsure!

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